Pollen Season is here!

Don’t Let the Pollen Turn You Green!


With the unseasonably cold weather Central Florida had in the past few months, the pollen count has skyrocketed with these warm days that have settled in. Everything from your car to your back porch is turning yellow or green with the fallout. Not only can pollen turn all your items a different shade than they should be, it can bring along all sorts of health issues. From sneezing to wheezing, pollen is an unwanted visitor.

Get Pollen Removal Assistance

Once the pollen has stopped falling, you want to get it off of your furniture in the yard, pool enclosures and your concrete. Jason Warren and his team at Warren’s Power Washing can do just that. They have two teams now that can help cover a wider area in the Marion, Citrus, and Sumter County areas. Jason has years of experience in dealing with this issue and his team is trained on how to use low-pressure washing services to help you get rid of the nasty and unsightly issue.

Services Provided

Jason and his team can provide a variety of services to help you rid your home of the fallout. They include different areas of the home such as:

  • Pool enclosure cleaning. Get rid of the greenish/yellow tint around your pool so you can get ready for the summer time BBQ’s.
  • Concrete Cleaning. With a professional cleaner, the low-pressure washing services provided can remove the stains on your driveway and walkways while protecting your plants and landscaping as well.
  • Roof Cleaning. Don’t forget that the pollen has settled on your roof and in your gutters. These areas also need to be checked and cleaned before summer sets in.

Make sure to contact Jason and his team today to set up your appointment when the dust settles. Clean away the irritating pollen from your home and your patio areas so that you can once again enjoy the beautiful Florida evenings.