Restaurant Services

Restaurant Pressure Washing Services

At Warren’s Power Washing, Jason, the owner, has spent the first 20 years of his working life in the restaurant business. Those 20 years have given him a unique outlook on cleaning and maintaining restaurants. In addition, Jason looks at the location as a customer and the particular requirements of the local health inspector.

Many restauranters spend most of their time running day-to-day operations inside their buildings and have little time to focus on what happens outside their walls. When Jason ran several successful restaurants, he learned that consumers make decisions subconsciously. So. he trained his crew; if the exterior building were clean, the customer would feel the inside dining area was clean too. 

Warren’s Power Washing works after hours; we are in and out during non-business hours, so it does not disrupt customers or your business. When we clean the property, we start at the signage and use a customer path. We tailor the cleaning to suit the needs of the restaurant.

Signage– Is it clean, broken, or adequately lit? We use top-of-the-line equipment to clean your signage, and most of the time does not require a lift to get cleaned. This process will clean your sign and brighten it to its maximum capacity.

Sidewalks– Dirty sidewalks are an eye sore and a slip hazard. If not cleaned regularly, grease or algae on sidewalks can cause a very sizable lawsuit. Warren’s Power Washing can use hot or cold water, depending on the cleaned area. We also use top-tier commercial-grade cleaners to get the maximum cleaning.

Store Frontage– The front of the building is vital to your establishment. Walls and doors are significant areas often overlooked. The business operation runs from within, and the exterior cleaning of the building gets overlooked. At Warren’s Power Washing, we use a soft wash cleaning process that is safe for all surfaces without damaging paint or stucco.

Back Steps/Dumpster Pads – These areas are not always apparent to the everyday consumer, but they are to your delivery drivers and work crew; even worse can be a vast Health Code Violation. Cleaning these areas routinely is a must for a safe and clean running restaurant. When we tend this area, heat and commercial-grade degreasers are used to remove oil, stains, and grease. Then we spray a special cleaner that cleans and sanitize the area. Back steps and dumpster pads are part of our yearly maintenance program. We will also coordinate with the trash company to pull out the dumpster once a year to thoroughly clean the whole area.

Warren’s Power Washing provides cleaning services for properties in Ocala, FL; Hernando, FL; Citrus Hills, FL; Crystal River, FL; Homosassa, FL; Dunnellon, FL; Citrus Springs, FL; and Belleview, FL.